For a detailed academic background, see my CV.

I am a PhD student in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology at University of Wisconsin-Madison, working with Dr. David Mladenoff in the Forest Landscape Ecology Lab.

My background is diverse–I have studied bird and forest communities in and around the Northern Rockies, agroecology in the Midwest, bird communities in managed Great Lakes forests, and historical vegetation patterns across the upper Midwest. I am broadly interested in landscape ecology, which conveniently encapsulates many interesting sub-disciplines. As an ecologist and lover of nature I hope to shed light on some of the complexities of the changing landscape and scientifically inform conservation.

For my PhD, I am studying the multi-scale drivers of shifting patterns and processes across ecotones. I am working with the historical Public Land Survey witness tree dataset, a fine-grained record of vegetation from the 1800s and early 1900s, to study factors that influenced vegetation patterns in the U.S. Midwest’s Tension Zone. The Tension Zone is where northern pine and mixed conifer hardwood forests met the southern prairies, savannas, and hardwood forests in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I am originally from Portland, OR, and have lived in Tacoma, WA; Logan, UT; West Glacier, MT; Ames, IA; Deer River, MN; Victor, ID; and Madison, WI. My favorite thing to do is hiking with my spouse, Eddie, and our dog, Aldo. I also enjoy pretty much any outdoor activity, including gardening, running, bird-watching, botanizing, skiing, paddling, etc. Indoors, I like to cook, read, and watch movies.


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